Thailand – Worst

It wasn’t all delicious desserts and fun taxi trucks in Thailand (see Thailand – Best). Here are my complaints.


  • Attitude to tourists – this doesn’t apply to all Thai people but some definitely regard tourists as there for the taking. For example, on our day trip to Ayutthaya we visited the Summer Palace, a complex formerly used by the Thai kings. This stop was not mentioned in the tour literature, nor was it specified that all foreign visitors need to wear full length trousers to be admitted. This is not a religious site. Even at Buddhist temples knee length shorts are quite acceptable.
    A lot of the people in our group were wearing shorts and 3/4 trousers – oh no, what to do? Well it just so happened that vendors were selling trousers right inside the summer palace gates! What a happy coincidence. I absolutely hate stuff like this so I sat in the bus. Screw the summer palace. Bernd went in but specifically chose the loudest pair of trousers on offer (pictured above) so as to intentionally be less decorous than he would’ve been in his long navy shorts.
  • Wats – I appreciate a Buddhist temple as much as the next atheist but there’s so many, and with such convoluted names. In addition to their official title eg. Wat Ratchabophit Sathit Simaram Ratchaworawihan (yes really) each one should have a snappy nickname for tourists eg. Wat Sthis, Wat Now, Wat Next and of course, Wat Evs.
  • White men with much younger Thai women – these guys walk around like kings but the rest of us know the truth: the women in their own countries have zero interest in them.
  • Wifi for tourists – in hindsight I should’ve included this on the “best” lists for Vietnam and Cambodia. Free wifi was abundant in those countries. You could go to a restaurant in a tiny village in the middle of nowhere and the wifi password would be printed on the menu. Not in Thailand. Few restaurants make it available to customers and in public spaces you’ve got no chance. Even McDonalds wants to know your star sign and blood type in addition to your receipt code for a lousy 45 minutes of internet access. Very poor, Thailand. Very poor.

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