Thailand – Best

I didn’t post much while we were in Thailand – too busy enjoying Thailand – so there’s a lot to cover here. I’ll post separately about the best and worst.


  • Lanna food – food in the north of Thailand is very different to the south and a world away from the Thai food we know at home. It’s heavily influenced by neighbouring countries China, Myanmar and Laos. Favourites were spicy Chiang Rai sausage, minced pork salad, pork and ginger curry and a yellow egg noodle curry.
  • Mango sticky rice – a simple and yet sublime dessert made with mango, coconut milk, sugar, salt, sticky rice and topped with crunchy fried mung beans. The perfect pudding. 
  • Songthaews in the north – you can hail one of these communal taxi trucks on the street. If it’s going your way you negotiate a price and hop in. You never know where you’re going to stop on the way or who you’re going to pick up. It’s like a magical mystery tour. Best avoided if you’re in a hurry.
  • Death Railway Museum in Kanchanaburi – this had everything a good museum needs to have – a video, a diorama and mannequins bringing horrific scenes to life. All death-themed museums should make you jump with fright at least once, in my opinion.
  • Fisherman’s Village at Bhoput Beach – there are hardly any fishermen to be seen (anymore) in this little touristy street in Koh Samui but it is a backpacker’s paradise. A 10 minute walk crammed with good restaurants, bars and spas that look out onto the glorious Gulf of Thailand.

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