Flu like symptoms

Being on holiday is very boring when you have a cold. Especially when you’re stuck in your Airbnb with the internet in a tropical country and against your better judgment you google your symptoms, discovering that in addition to malaria and dengue fever, swine flu and bird flu are still a “thing” here (who knew?)

For several days I’ve had a blocked nose, sore throat and body aches but no fever – or so my Boots budget digital thermometer tells me, which couldn’t possibly be inaccurate. I really, really don’t want to go to the hospital when they are only going to tell me to rest and take paracetamol. So I’m just doing that and cutting out the middle man.

If I do develop a fever or any signs associated with illnesses more serious than just a cold I will go to the hospital but until then I’m doing the following:

  • Sending Bernd to the 7-Eleven for jelly drinks
  • Messaging my mother for maternal sympathy
  • Watching Netflix
  • Looking forlorn

Bernd is seeing some sights that I don’t feel terrible about missing eg. the Chiang Rai Hill Tribe Museum and various wats, for which he still has enthusiasm (it waned for me a while ago).

We have a few days left in Thailand so I hope to be well enough to see some more “stuff” before we move on to Burma next week. Fingers crossed!

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