One of those days

Today has been one of those days. A day when just going outside is an exercise in extreme annoyance.

When you’re walking along, trying to mind your own business… no, I don’t want a tuk tuk. I don’t want a massage. I don’t want whatever you’re trying to sell me. I don’t want to visit a hill tribe village.

When you go to a “french bistro” that’s “only serving Thai food today” and you don’t want a Thai curry with rice for lunch, it’s 33 degrees, have you lost your mind? Is a sandwich too much as ask for? When you find a “cafe” and order a sandwich and it’s awful because they don’t eat sandwiches here.

When you leave your husband to continue sightseeing on his own because you can’t stand to look at another Buddhist temple. When you try to hail a tuk tuk but the driver must think you arrived in Thailand this morning, because you’re obviously not going to pay what he’s asking. So you stalk back to your Airbnb on foot even though a thunderstorm has just started and your husband has your umbrella.

When you arrive at your Airbnb, shower, crank up the a/c and eat your favourite green pea snack to calm down. Then you write this post and spend the rest of the afternoon watching Netflix and preparing to apologise to your husband for being difficult.

When you drink 3 beers in the evening to improve your mood, and it works until you get annoyed at yourself because you’re putting on weight by drinking all this beer.

That last part hasn’t even happened yet, but I’m completely certain that it will. That’s the sort of day I’m talking about. Tomorrow can only be better 🙂

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