Sometimes it’s nice to miss each other

We’re in Koh Samui now. Today Bernd went on a day trip around the island. I went for a swim, had a massage, did some shopping, had lunch.

At home Bernd works 3 days, so he has Monday and Thursday to himself. I work 4 days so Fridays are mine, all mine. Yes we have our days off on different days – by design! Being introverts we both need a fair bit of “alone time” to refresh and recharge.

My sister Melissa’s little boy Sebby once asked her “Do you wish you worked with Daddy?” Instead of rearing back in horror and yelling “Good god, no!” as I would’ve done, her fantastically tactful parental reply was “No, sometimes it’s nice to miss each other”.

Sometimes it IS nice to miss each other, but on a trip like this you need to create those opportunities. Otherwise we’d be together 24×7 and would likely end up divorced.

This way Bernd gets to come back and tell me all about his trip to see the Big Buddha (“I’ve seen bigger”) and I can relay my embarrassing struggle to get into the extremely complicated trousers at the spa. It’s these little things that keep a marriage alive 🙂

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