Anniversary dinner

Tonight we celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary. 5 whole years since we married on the London Eye as witnessed by 13 distinguished guests.

We went to Cuisine Wat Damnak in Siem Reap, which is listed in the World’s Best Restaurants. The tasting menu contains such items as:

Koh Kong scallop spicy sour soup, pounded green tamarind, clam jus, elephant ear taro stem and sesbania flowers.

This is the sort of culinary wank we lap up in London for 3 times the price, so we were right in our element.

Given Bernd’s 2012 brain tumour prognosis of 3 years it’s a miracle that we’re celebrating at all, let alone in a foreign country on a 6 month trip. I can only hope that we celebrate our 10 year anniversary in a similar fashion – or with a pizza from the Sainsbury’s Express across the road from our flat – I won’t mind either way 🙂

By the way this photo is how I actually look – I asked Bernd to make me a bit thinner with his Photoshop skills but he said it would be “too much work”. That’s marital honesty for you.

5 thoughts on “Anniversary dinner

  1. Oh, yes… 5 Years have passed – I realised this yesterday. Wow.
    I have beautiful memories of your Wedding – from London Eye to Hibiscus and beyond.
    So all the best for your anniversary, congratulations!!
    And thank you again for letting me be on of your distinguished ones.
    I still enjoy your Bond-Girl-Villain profile picture.

    I am not sure if I knew of the 3-year-prognosis. With this in mind it is even more beautiful that you are traveling and celebrating right now. Never stop!

    Jill, do not let anyone ever photoshop-mess-around with your beauty you so happily show on the photo. Bernd is right: it would never produce the desired effect even if he worked on it for years.


    • Thanks Claas! Remember how a lot of people assumed you were the groom? You were the best dressed of any of us! Ha – I’m not sure that’s quite what Bernd meant about editing the photo but it’s generous of you to think so 😉


      • Oh, should I feel guilty? It is not proper to be better-looking at a wedding.
        But I am sure it was just because they had not actually seen Bernd in h i s cool suit – and those who had just been told we were at a wedding then just thought my tux could be a sign. This is the problem with having only one fitting suit in the closet.
        But wait – you can marry again, I have a new suit in blue. That one will do. Next time.

        If this photoshop-thing is not what Bernd meant, then he better would. 😉


  2. Congrats guys! Your wedding was such a lovely day! I can’t believe it’s been five years already. We’re loving reading about all your adventures. Safe travels for the rest of the trip! Tom & Jen


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