This is Saron, our tuk tuk driver and guide for 3 days of Angkor temples sightseeing.

He has a son, 10 and a daughter, 8, who he doesn’t see as much as he would like since he divorced 3 years ago. He now lives with his mother but is still in love with his wife. She has a boyfriend and isn’t interested in reconciling.

Saron doesn’t want a girlfriend because he considers Cambodian women to be “lazy and stupid”. His dream is to marry a foreigner eg. Japanese or Thai and move to her country. But he knows time is running out for this because he is already 34.

All of the above information was offered in response to my seemingly innocent question “Do you have children?” We’ve found the locals on our trip to be quite forthright in conversation. Aussies and Germans (especially Germans) don’t give much away so this can be quite alarming, but also endearing I think.

It did provide a bit of humour between Bernd and myself for the rest of the tour. One day Saron was a few minutes late, explaining that his house is quite far. Bernd nudged me and whispered “his mother’s house”.

Saron was a friendly guy, excellent driver and knowledgable guide. We really hope he meets the woman of his dreams or that his ex comes to her senses and takes him back! 🙂

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