Romantic moments

Romantic moments on a backpacking holiday:

  • Discussing the date and time of your last poop and the solidity of the poop
  • Saying “I still love you and I’m sorry I haven’t expressed any physical affection in weeks but it’s just too fucking hot”
  • Stepping out of the shower and announcing that you’re putting the same underpants back on
  • Appreciating each other’s new sensual scent – a mix of sweat, sunscreen and insect repellent 
  • Raising an eyebrow at your partner’s audible expression of gastrointestinal discomfort then realising it was the cow outside
  • Going out for dinner:
    “Are you hungry?”
    “No but I’m ready to get it over with”
  • Surreptitiously scratching your insect bites during an embrace
  • Asking for a rash status update:
    “Could you take a look at my ass?”

5 thoughts on “Romantic moments

  1. Just laughed very loudly on the train – Thanks, I now look like a weirdo and other commuters are desperately trying to get away from the strange woman. Blog is hilarious! Keep them coming.


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