Cool as a cucumber

Something I didn’t predict for this trip is the way Bernd and I have clashed over air conditioning. At home in London we don’t have it, because we don’t need it. For 1 or 2 weeks a year it would be great to have, but that doesn’t justify the expense so we make do with a fan.

Growing up in Adelaide I fondly remember setting the cooling to “arctic” and climbing under a heavy quilt on a 40 degree day, with just my frosty nose poking out the top. Sheer bliss.

Bernd doesn’t feel the same way. In a room where I’m perfectly comfortable, he’s freezing cold. I deal with this by saying “It’s not my fault you have 10% body fat! Eat more sticky rice with mango! Drink more beer!”

Usually we manage to compromise ie. Bernd goes to bed fully dressed. But right now in our Airbnb in Battambang we have the perfect solution (pictured above). One bed directly under the a/c for me, and another off to the side in a slightly warmer climate for Bernd.

We’re in our forties, sleeping in twin beds and loving life.

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