Vietnam – Best and worst


  • The people – friendly, generous and tolerant of our cluelessness (with the exception of dodgy taxi drivers, below)
  • The food – particularly ban xeo, bahn mi and Saigon pho.
  • Tra Que herb village – a little oasis of tranquility just outside Hoi An.
  • Hanoi – the atmosphere of the bustling old quarter, the lake, the street food and the excellent Airbnb we stayed in there.
  • Red dragon – not the novel by Thomas Harris but the purple-fleshed cousin of the white dragon fruit. The red variety is less common as it is more difficult to grow, but it’s truly delicious.


  • Dodgy taxi drivers in Hanoi – we fell for one of these scams, should’ve known better but in our defence it was day 2 of our Southeast Asian trip. The old “meter running very fast” trick. Bastard. Since then we’ve researched reputable taxi companies in every city and had no problems.
  • Mekong Delta tour – no problem with the amount of physical activity as per my previous post, but this really wasn’t a good tour. We saw a pretty average floating market and the homestay accommodation wasn’t great – no hot water and terrible food, which is quite hard to achieve in Vietnam!
  • Star fruit – the attractive star-shaped cross-section is all it has to offer. Unpleasant flavour and texture.

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