The light, the light!

Bernd and I have an unspoken agreement that during this trip he will be the primary photographer and I’ll be mainly responsible for writing the blog posts. Bernd is very talented behind a camera and me? All about the words, me.

Therefore it came as a surprise when Bernd said that he wanted to go on a photography tour in Hoi An and I said I wanted to join him. His raised eyebrows were partly due to the fact that we’d be picked up at 4.30am to travel to a local fishing village to watch and photograph the fishermen bringing in the morning’s catch.

It’s true that I can’t help but stifle a yawn whenever anyone starts to earnestly discuss shutter speed, exposure and ISO settings. But I thought I could use the advice of a professional photographer, even if my camera of choice is only an iPhone. I was also keen to see the fish.

It was a busy and interesting morning with our guide Etienne. I believe it’s another testament to my laidback holiday vibe that I was able to tolerate a frenchman gushing about the quality of the light at 6am.

I think I did pick up some tips and Bernd even commented that some of the photos I took are “good” (high praise from a German). Some of my photos have started to make the cut for our Flickr albums and all of the photos seen here on this post were taken by yours truly.

I’ll have to persuade Bernd to write a few more guest posts to even things up 🙂

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