Ba Be Lake

Today Vietnam got the better of me, again. I discovered that a breakfast of noodle soup and Vietnamese coffee followed by 4 hours winding through the mountains in a van with broken a/c is not conducive to a settled stomach.

The heat, motion and warm waft of agriculture through the open windows eventually did me in.

Hurling at the roadside is not one of my finest moments, but I have a feeling this trip will be peppered with such moments.

I also had problems with painful blocked ears and my medication was unreachable in my backpack. It made it worse to know that:

a) We were heading to a homestay with limited facilities and no a/c
b) This final day is not even on the standard tour schedule but an addition we REQUESTED

The good news is that I didn’t dream of being in the office. Puking beats work, it seems.

Things improved after a dose of buccastem and sudafed and a small lunch of plain white rice (it requires an iron will to decline food on these tours when your guide is strongly encouraging you to eat – you could be vomiting at the table and they’d still be asking “more noodles?”)

Ba Be Lake was beautiful and we visited a waterfall in the afternoon, probably the highlight of the week. Later it rained and we sat on the verandah enjoying the view, cold beer and wifi. So it was all worth it, in the end.

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