Technical difficulties

At home Bernd and I have an iMac, an iPad and a MacBook Pro. We decided to take a laptop on the trip but not our MacBook which is both expensive and heavy. We decided to get a cheap Windows laptop. Bernd did some research and it seemed that a £200 Asus number was good value. If only we’d remembered that wise saying “you get what you pay for”.

In terms of technical capability it’s a bit better than the historic relic shown above, but only just. Setting the thing up has been a nightmare. When it arrived almost the entire c drive was full – of Windows 10. It has a secondary drive which cannot be used because no matter what we do, all new software tries to install onto c. Which has no space.

We started calling it the ShiteBook or when particularly frustrated, the ShiteBook Pro. Then last night I spent 5 hours trying to free enough space to install a Windows cumulative update. Which you really need to do because Windows sucks. When midnight arrived and I’d had no success it wasn’t funny anymore.

I really don’t hate Windows. I like the interface and the functionality is familiar from my PC at work. But at work I don’t have to deal with the nightmare of installing software and updates. That’s all taken care of by packaging and group policy. Come to think of it, our Windows team is staffed by perpetually rude, grumpy people. Now I see why.

It took me a long time to adjust to using Macs at home but now I fully see their appeal – the speed, the efficiency, the build quality, the security, the quality iOS. I’m still occasionally annoyed when I have to google how to type a freaking hashtag or capture a screenshot, but overall I’m a convert. I’m sure there are some very good, more expensive Windows laptops too but even they are crippled by the shortcomings of the awful operating system, just like the ShiteBook.

Today we’ve bitten the bullet and bought a refurbished MacBook Air. Much, much cheaper (and much older) than a new one but it will do the job better than the ShiteBook ever could. Another lesson learned, money lost etc. Hopefully just the theme of the past week and not of the trip as a whole 😦

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