Wee like a man

From my travels in SE Asia 20 years ago, I remember that I’m not a massive fan of squat toilets. I know they’re better for you biologically but that’s small comfort when there’s wee all over your shoes.

Since female urinary devices have now been developed, it won’t be a problem this time around! After much research (if Bernd has noticed that our YouTube history is dominated by videos of women hiking and urinating he hasn’t said anything) I chose the Pibella.

To look at this deceptively simple plastic tube you wouldn’t think it would work, but it does, and I had no problems from the first time I tried it. I never realised how incredibly liberating it is to be able to wee with trousers on.

Bernd dared me to stroll casually into the men’s toilets at work and use it lined up with the blokes at the urinal. He suggested doing it on my last day of work so that it’ll be forgotten by the time I return. Unlikely. I had an ex-colleague (total knob, pun intended) who would use the women’s toilets when the men’s were busy and THAT is still a talking point 2 years later.

In addition to using it when trekking I plan to demo it for my niece and nephews in Australia who are aged between 4 and 7. That should cement my ‘crackpot Aunt’ reputation quite nicely.

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