What to take? Part 3

First Aid

When I realised that pre-packaged first aid kits are completely rubbish my eyes lit up at the prospect of a splurge in Boots. I went to town, as you can see from the photo above which shows my initial set of supplies. When I produced a kit the size of a small dog I saw that some rationalisation was in order. Frankly, if you need wound-closure strips and surgical gloves you might consider consulting a medical professional rather than toughing it out yourself.

We now have 2 small washbags of provisions which is far more manageable. It doesn’t include Bernd’s anti-seizure meds, a 6 month supply of which fills 4 large bottles to be distributed among our packs and day packs.


We’ll be in Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia during the wet season and whilst it might be considered fine, by some, to throw a bin liner over yourself and your backpack when the skies open, I think we should try a bit harder. We’ve got waterproof backpack covers, ponchos and gore-tex hiking shoes, none of which will prevent me from getting completely drenched, immersed in puddles, covered in mud etc. But we’ll have made an effort.


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