A minimalist packing guide for gadgets?

Minimalist Gadgets

When it comes to choosing which electronic items to take on our big trip and which ones to leave at home I find myself in a conundrum. There is quite a gap between what I’d like to take and what is reasonable to do so.

Bare essentials

Kindle and iPhone are a must, there’s no way around it! And of course chargers for both and a little charger for charging the iPhone autonomously in case we run out of juice.


I’d like to take my Nikon D810 with a selection of fine lenses, a tripod, filters and maybe a flash or two. However, that would fill an entire backpack on its own. So instead I’m taking a relatively small mirrorless camera. And a gorilla tripod, a spare lens, a small selection of filters, memory cards, spare batteries and charger.

I don’t know what got into us, but at some point we decided that it would be a brilliant idea to create interesting travel videos from our journey. So we bought a GoPro. Although the GoPro itself is tiny, it needs a lot of accessories (to attach it to someone’s wrist or head, a glorified selfie stick, etc.), memory cards, spare batteries and charger.

Finally, as an ice breaker for local tribes that haven’t been jaded by the tourism industry yet – if that still exists where we will be going – we’re taking a nifty Polaroid printer. It does tiny prints in not quite the right aspect ratio, so I hope nobody will be disappointed.


Ideally we’d like to take our MacBook Pro and our iPad with us. However, facing the risk that any of this might get lost, stolen or broken we bought a £150 Asus laptop instead. Which has very little memory, a tiny hard disk and is painfully slow. Other than surfing the internet and watching Netflix we will be post processing photos and editing videos on that computer. Something which it is according to the Asus website not made for.

Only on holiday

As we are travelling to regions where having electricity supply 24/7 is not necessarily considered essential we need head torches. And as we may encounter drinking water that doesn’t meet the safety standards we are used to, we got ourselves a SteriPen Ultra to kill off any bacteria that may hide in the water.


To be prepared for the multitude of power outlets we may encounter, we’re packing two universal adaptors, and loads of cables to connect everything with everything.


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