What to take? Part 2


Smartphone, yes. Smartphone only? No. I can’t surf properly on that thing. I need a bigger screen. Tablet? Getting better, but I also need a mouse and decent browser capability. Laptop it is. A cheap one. Also an excuse to purchase yet another slightly-smaller-than-normal travel gadget in the form of this travel mouse. The cuteness of the retractable cable is worth the £6 alone.

We also have a GoPro Hero Black and various attachments, despite not being part of the generation that records its daily activities as easily as breathing. We’ll give it a try but I can’t promise awesome, inspiring, Instagram-worthy seamless footage backed by the latest sick tunes. I know that short videos are key. One thing I do have in common with the youth of today is a pathetic attention span.

Hair care

I’m doing pretty well on this front. I have quite short hair and I don’t really need to use a hair dryer. In fact when I don’t, it’s quite depressing because the end result is pretty much the same and I wonder why I bother drying it each day. But I must, because I look down on people on the tube who have wet hair. Towel dry, quick sort with the hands and a smidgen of wax is all I need. Bernd’s head is shaved – we’ll bring rechargeable clippers so that he doesn’t have to subject his sensitive scarred head to any blade-wielding local barbers who may harbour a grudge against the west.

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